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Pipe and Drape rental

Pipe and Drape Rental available for Weddings, Events, Birthdays and Much More! Pipe and drape will produce beautiful backdrops for stages, up-lighting, plus much more for your special event.

Photo of Spider Truss Rental

Pipe and Draping Rentals For Weddings, Events, Birthdays, and More!

Pipe and drape can create a clean backdrop for stages, up-lighting and/or monogram lighting. Backdrops can be used for head tables, cake tables, and buffets. Pipe and Drape will provide a clean crisp modern look that will make your Event or Wedding unforgettable!

Pipe and Drape can also be used for hiding unsightly walls, creating a seamless transition, covering doors or dividing a room.

Subsonic can create a Custom LED Monogram just for you, which can be projected onto the draping. This look is modern, chic and elegant!

Pricing depends on several factors, including how many panels are needed and the length and width of the panels. Subsonic will do a site visit at the venue location to determine the most accurate quote.

Uplighting Package Pricing:

  • 6 LED Uplights (1 color)
  • 6 LED Uplights (multi-color)
  • 12 LED Uplights (1 color)
  • 12 LED Uplights (multi-color)
  • 18 LED Uplights (1 color)
  • 18 LED Uplights (multi-color)
  • 24 LED Uplights (1 color)
  • 24 LED Uplights (multi-color)

Custom LED Monogram Pricing:

  • Custom 2 Letters………………… $99
  • Custom Names…………………… $129
  • Custom Design…………………… $149
  • Custom Design w/ 2 Letters… $169
  • Custom Design w/ Names…… $199

Upgrade your Pipe and Drape Rental with these add-ons

Up-ligthing Option

Uplighting creates an ambiance that can take an ordinary room and make it extraordinary. The right lighting can change the atmosphere of your event. There are many colors to choose from! The lights can be single color or multi-color and can remain static or change to the music.

Custom Monogram Lighting Rental

Custom Monogram Lighting Option

Imagine a beautiful, personalized monogram with your initials, full names, family crest, custom design, or business logo projected behind the head table, on the dance floor, ceiling or wall surface at your event. This special touch can easily be added to your big day! There’s no limit to the imaginative possibilities.

Market Lighting Option

Market Lights are typically hung overhead and used for outdoor events to enhance a particular area, such as surrounding a dance floor or outlining your limits such as along fencing or edging. These light can also be used under tents or indoors to create a similar warmth to any room! Market Lighting is another way to compliment your event by providing an elegant and classy touch.

Photo of Outdoor Wedding Lighting Rental

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