Top Monogram lighting Rental in Orlando

Monogram Lighting Rental

We provide amazing monogram lighting for weddings and events in Orlando, FL area. You can add a personalized touch to your wedding or special event ocassions. Take your lighting visual to the next level!

Monogram lighting rental
Custom Monogram Lighting Rental

Custom Monogram Lighting for Weddings and Events

Imagine a beautiful, personalized monogram with your initials, full names, family crest, custom design, or business logo projected behind the head table, on the dance floor, ceiling or wall surface at your event, add Uplighting for an even grandeur experience. This special touch can easily be added to your big day! There’s no limit to the imaginative possibilities.

This is a highly-professional and spectacular effect that can be done in color or black and white lighting. Truly a spectacular look and feel. We also have outdoor Market Lighting options available.

We are a Top Rated, award winning Monogram Lighting Rental Service you can trust.

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